Friday, August 23, 2013

I think I'm back home

That's right. I think I'm back home after four months of absenteeism.  I called it my tour of duty. My husband made two tours of duty when in the Navy and now I think I have. It started with the  news of our new granddaughter. So I went out to help my daughter with the  arrival of our first grandchild and babysit.
Leaving was hard. I had to give up my desk top and go to my laptop. What clothes to take? I even had to learn to use my cell phone...yes that means answering it as well as writing and responding to messages.
I also left with a new kitchen being installed. Ironically, it's my husband's because he's a better cook than me. I clean up.
So, now I'm back home or I think I am. It's horrible when you have to ask your husband how to turn on the oven, run the microwave, and even how to run a load of dishes in the dishwasher. Of course they all work for him...not me. They like him better.
That's not the end of it.  My desktop feels slighted and ignored and is punishing me like a cat. Programs aren't working. I can't remember where 'that' is, was, or should be. And some programs just won't work. Oh they will on my laptop. Sure. So here I am. On my laptop planning to get my computer guru here to figure it out. Both computers need a 'well-baby' check up anyway. You know those virus these machines can catch.
And that office I used to use. What a mess! And I have so many things to bring in there now like a picture of my granddaughter so I won't forget there is a life outside that room.

Oh and I haven't dared walk outside to see the yard. I discovered that hubby can pull weeds and has a nice touch with flowers. He even waters them. But if I set foot out there I know one more entry will be added to my ta-do list. Weed. Water. Mow. Already I've found caterpillars chowing down on one tree. What else will attack me.

So, I escape to my world of writing to run away from it all. Update: I did manage to get Threatened Loyalties up on Amazon.(Should I venture out side Amazon to Nook and Google books?) Red Fury is with my new editor +Cindy Vallar who is a godsend with her patience and expertise.

And I'm drafting a new story a mature romance I should be working on instead of posting this. It's set on an 18 wheeler and is turning into so much fun. What a world that is...trucking.

So, onward to settling back home with all the 'gotta do's" and "shoulda do's" and whatever else. But my pillows felt wonderful. My very own shower was delightful. And walking with my neighbor was awesome last night. Life is good.
Stay tuned, I'll tell you about learning to live in New England. I loved it.