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Alexa Bourne...a wild woman

I had to make sure you met Lexi.
 Like so many of us, she too is challenging her dreams in this literary world.  And by the looks of things, she has a great start. I don't want you to miss out on her journey. So here she is.

Alexa Bourne
A girl. A writer and another great story for everyone to enjoy.

Howdy, I'm Alexa Bourne and I live in Texas. I’m not a southern girl, though. I grew up in New England. I love creating stories. 

DanceAwayDanger_v2I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t working on something. Seriously, even back in grade school I was writing. Even if I never got published again I would still write stories. It calms me, makes me happy and it just….completes me.
Alexa, what books other than your own do you enjoy reading? 

I’m a HUGE fan of Laura Griffin’s romantic suspense stories and contemporary romances by Jill Shavis. I like reading historical romances as well, mostly set in Scotland or Ireland. I also read outside the romance genre. David Baldacci, John Hart and Alexander McCall Smith are some of my favorites.

Okay the big question....Pantser? Plotter?

herhighlandchampionsilent surrender I consider myself a pantser. When I start a new book, I usually know very little about it. I know who the main characters are and I have a vague idea of the conflict. That’s it. I tell everyone I learn the plot as I write the rough draft, which I don’t do in order. I write scenes as they come to me, work out details for the plot and then I start piecing it all together in the 2nd draft.  I write anywhere and everywhere. I usually write my 1st drafts on paper and then type it up as I work on the 2nd draft. That allows me to be anywhere and able to write. I always have a pen and a notebook in my purse! 

carry me home 2fractured paradiseAs much as I love my job, I would like to be a full-time author. At the moment, I’m a full-time teacher and a full-time author. I would like to eventually be able to concentrate on my writing instead of splitting myself down the middle! So far I have 5 novellas out-- 3 romantic suspense stories and 2 contemporary stories. As I mentioned before, they’re all set in the UK.

Wow, you've written a lot of fantastic stories. What is your latest creation?

 my 3rd romantic suspense novella. 

This story  is the one I really want to talk about because it is set in Edinburgh, Scotland during the New Year’s celebration also known as Hogmanay. 
Take-charge bodyguard Colin Munro believes working for the International Protective Network will be the perfect occupation for him. Unfortunately, his trial assignment is protecting a woman who has no intention of blindly following orders. Aye, he’ll bring the bonnie lass in line because there’s no way he’ll allow her to ruin his chance of securing his dream job.
Physically and emotionally scarred during her stint as a U.S. soldier, Joanna Grainger wants nothing more than to enjoy life. New Year's Eve in Edinburgh marks the beginning of her transformation. But when she witnesses a crime no one believes occurred, her plans come to a screeching halt. To make matters worse, her sexy but headstrong bodyguard has no compassion for her or the victim.
As danger hunts them during one of the busiest times of the year, Joanna must convince Colin she's a worthy partner. But first, can she convince herself?

Joanna bolted upright. Darkness wrapped her in its hideous embrace. And silence reigned. Her heart raced. She flattened her hands on the mattress beneath her. 
Mattress. Bed. Colin’s hotel room. 
Rustling sounds came from the floor. The bedside lamp flickered on. Colin propped himself up, one knee bent and an arm dangling over it. He squinted against the brightness. “Are you all right?” 
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.” She brushed her fingers under her eyes. 
“Don’t be daft, lass.” 
“I had a bad dream.” She smoothed her hair back off her face. Moisture beaded at her temples. 
“Here we call it a nightmare.” He smiled, and at once she relaxed her shoulders. 
“Americans do, too.” After another deep breath, she said, “I’ll be all right.” Once her heart rate slowed to normal. With her forearm, she wiped perspiration from her forehead. 
He stood, padded into the bathroom, and ran the faucet. When he returned, he sat beside her, tucked his finger under her chin, and pressed the cloth to her cheek. The cool moisture soothed her burning skin. 
She reached up and covered his hand with hers. “I can do that.” 
“I know.” He brushed her fingers away. “But you’ll not.” 
After a few seconds, he moved the wet towel across her forehead and to her other cheek.
When he reached her neck, she sighed and closed her eyes for a few valuable seconds.
“Thank you.” 
His gentle caress reminded her how much she’d missed simple comfort…from anyone. 
“You’re welcome.” The cloth soon disappeared. “Now, will you tell me what you dreamed about?” 
“Mark Rawlings. I dreamed I was back in the train car and he was bleeding out on the floor. The guy with him faded into the background, but I could see the man’s hands and lips moving. I couldn’t hear anything, though. Then somebody jabbed me with something, and my blood drained out of my body, but there was nothing I could do. The guy standing stayed in front of me. There was another voice, but the words were garbled.” 
“Did you see anyone else?” 
“No, but at the end I wasn’t paying attention. I was losing consciousness.” She tilted her head to one side and into her palm. “Colin, what am I going to do if we don’t find the professor’s attacker soon?” 
We’ll take it one day at a time.” Strong, confident, able to leap tall buildings and all…even in the middle of the night.

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