Monday, September 2, 2013

Finally home. Yes I mean it. Finally Really

Okay, Yes I'm finally home. HOME. 
Lots have happened since my last blog. I came home from Massachusetts and planned to settle in. THEN, daughter's furniture arrived later than planned and no one was there to help her...and baby. SOOOO off I went to her new house and well, went crazy.
Daughter called me a 'mad woman'.

You see, once we had a little Cocker Spaniel  who loved to dig what I called 'ankle-breakers' or little holes in the ground to twist your ankle as you walked. She smelled a mole I know and went for it. Dirt would fly. She would dig, raise her head ( snout covered with dirt) sniff again for that darn mole and back into the earth. More dirt would fly.
That was me. One box after another and packing paper would fly. However, night one-we slept in beds covered with sheets and blankets. Day two, she had the beginning of a kitchen, baby room set up, office taking shape. Day three. Done. or well enough to live and feel a sense of home. Groceries bought, laundry working and shelves done. Oh and garage cleaned up to park cars in. SUCCESS!!
However, I came home again. Exhausted. I couldn't think much less move.

Once I revived a few days later, I have managed  to get my files from my laptop to my desktop of
  Red Fury Revolt.  
book one of my Agricola series
Where Roman Britain deals with one really pissed off woman named Boudica.

No small feat because I felt I had to dig around in my programs to find where they were I do not have a sense of organization which involve computers or USB sticks. Very frustrating. Boxes are easier.
Yet, I did organize my  research on my trucker story...again and can get started back on that too.

The Highwayman. 

My mature romance that takes to the roads in a fantastic chrome plated black Peterbuilt semi.

Oh did I say I somehow managed to rearrange my office and clean it up the place so I can possibly think again.  I have really missed being heree. So tomorrow begins a new day, a new attack. Oh and yes, I have to start exercising too.

Yeah Right. 

ONWARD and wish me luck,