Monday, October 7, 2013

Marketing then. Marketing now.


How in the world did Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle get known?  Come on. They didn't have Internet, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs,Facebook, Linked-in, Google+. How'd they do it?
My only guess is by word of mouth. One person told another person who told another person. They chatted with him. Argued. Challenged.Same as today only we use Facebook, Google+ to tell our friends. Right?


I've also read that the advertising world is taking second-fiddle to this word-of-mouth marketing strategy as Plato's friends word-of-mouth. Friends telling friends. It's been said that that is the best form of marketing. . So maybe things are so different between than and now. 

But is advertising a new concept? 
 I don't think so.
 Okay, maybe they didn't have television, radio talk shows, computers, and Google+, but they did have parchment or fliers that announced the coming gladiator games posted around Rome
And maybe their news came from a town crier who stood on a stage and read the news like our newscasters do nightly. 

So I guess we all still like hearing the 'goings-on' in the world around us. And we still like to talk. Don't we?

We just found new waves to do it.  So keep talking, debating, arguing, discussing,
 my friends.
But be nice to each other. Okay?

Oh,and be sure to tell everyone about your favorite authors.  (Me. Right?) We need your help with that word-of-mouth marketing strategy to really work.  Like us on Facebook and Amazon. Pin our book covers on Pinterest. Tweet our book titles.Tell everyone on any social media you have about how you absolutely loved our stories.

And we will love you forever
And ever
I promise.

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